Whitney Wolfe Expands Social Media Presence

There is a great amount of interest that is tied to the concept of dating apps, and it appears that Whitney Wolfe is the one to beat when it comes to dating app innovation. She has proved herself to be a leader in the dating app industry, and there are few entrepreneurs that are going to have the same type of success that she has had because few people have the same formula that she has created for her dating app.

Whitney Wolfe has gone above and beyond the call of the dating app environment by creating something that looks totally different from what everyone else was doing, and https://www.vogue.com/article/bumble-founder-whitney-wolfe-michael-herd-positano-wedding.

Whitney Wolfe made it her mission to capitalize on the use of a dating app environment where more people would be able use her Bumble app even if they were not dating. She has created other parts to Bumble like Bumble BFF where people are strictly looking for friends. This does not mean that they may not have an interest in dating down the line, but when they turn on the Bumble BFF feature they are in friendship mode only. This is something that is intriguing to many people that have become social media app users. Most people that find friends on Facebook are connecting with people that they already know. What Whitney Wolfe has done is tweak social media a little by offering people the chance to make friends with new people that they do not know, and what Whitney Wolfe knows.

It is the small observances in social media that have made Whitney Wolfe a social media mogul. In the beginning there was a lot of talk about how she was taking over the dating industry, and this is still true because Bumble is one of the top dating apps. The reality, however, is that is not the place that Whitney Wolfe wanted to be boxed into. She was fine with being a dating app innovator and leader, but she did not want this to be the only thing that she was known for. Whitney Wolfe wanted to have a greater presence in social media.