Transit Discussions Resolves To End The Traffic Problem Experienced In Williamson County

Unlike most transit discussions in the Austin area that focus on the city itself, the recent meeting saw experts address the traffic problem in the region’s suburbs. The panel discussed this issue during the recent Williamson County Growth Summit. It was attended by Mike Heiligenstein, the executive director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, the director of Uber Technologies Inc., Texas External Affairs Leandre Johns, Joseph Kopser, the RideScout founder and Jared Ficklin, the designer behind the aerial gondola system for Central Austin. The meeting, which centered on how technology is changing the transportation industry, saw experts give different views regarding the matter as asked by the panel moderator Alan McGraw, Round Rock Mayor.

Mike acknowledged that new technologies such as ridesharing apps and autonomous vehicles would transform transportation infrastructure. He said that Austin needed to expand its transportation capacity by building more roads to meet the transportation needs of the rapidly growing population. Explaining further, Mike posited that adoption of autonomous vehicles would be slow and tedious. This way, it is important to invest in roads and buses first. Talking about transport preparation for the future, Ficklin said that building and land use codes should remain flexible. He argued that parking garages would be an inch higher than the car and have multiple levels, which would include charging and service stations. He pointed out that no current building code fits these requirements. Johns Leandre suggested that ridesharing apps should provide the people of Austin with first-and-last mile solutions for public transit. This information was originally published on Biz Journal as explained in the following link

About Mike Heiligenstein

Mike has exhibited excellent leadership skills at the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The agency was founded in 2002 to create a modern regional transportation network for Central Texas. The entity carefully designed multi-modal transportation systems that solved the complex mobility needs of the fast growing region. Under Mike’s leadership, the independent government agency has successfully completed projects like 183A, which pioneered a cashless toll collection. Other projects include the 290 Toll.

The agency is also partnering with regional transportation entities to plan six other expressways across Central Texas. Mike is also a leader of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute as well as other committees and organizations engaged in matters of transportation. Previously, Mike worked as a committed public official where he served the citizens of Williamson County for 23 years.

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