The Story Of Sweetgreen

It Started In Georgetown

After graduating from Georgetown University, Nathaniel Ru wanted to start his own business. He had his eyes set firmly on the fast food industry, but he wanted to make a name for himself. He was tired of the junk food pushed by the major franchises and wanted to give customers an alternative. This is when he came up with the idea of a fast food chain focused on salads. This lead Nathaniel Ru to the creation of Sweetgreens.



The Green Movement

Creating a fast food restaurant focused entirely on healthy food was a risk, but Ru was willing and able to take that risk. He enlisted the help of his college friends to manage the business and help it grow into a chain of restaurants. Sweetgreen now has restaurants in 40 locations across America, so it seems that he trusted the right people. The popularity of Sweetgreen has even attracted the attention of investors who want to see the fast food chain grow into something even bigger. People need and want healthier food options in their fast food menus.



Catching The Eye Of Investors

The business school of Georgetown University taught Nathaniel Ru well. As of 2016 he has generated nearly $100 million in funding for the fast food chain setting the restaurant in the perfect position to blow up. The business strategy of Sweetgreen reflects a perfect strategy. First, there are two headquarters for Sweetgreen’s management located on opposite ends of the country. This allows the founders of Sweetgreen to focus on specific sections of the business. Success in business isn’t an easy achievement and college students are rarely able to pull off successful startups. In that light, Ru’s achievement is even more amazing.



The American Dream

Sweetgreen is more than a restaurant. It is the centerpiece for the story of the American Dream told in our modern times. The son of immigrants, Nathaniel Ru was taught how to chase the American dream and he sought out a plan to make his dreams come true. However, he had more in store for his business than profits and sales. He wanted to give the American people something they needed. Our nation is currently facing a health crisis of unforeseen proportions. Changing the way we eat fast food is an important step to changing our lives for the better.