The Significance of Betsy DeVos in the United States’ Education Reforms

Betsy DeVos is a highly reputable individual in the United States’ education industry. She has spent about three decades of her career life pushing for changes in the sector, and this has benefited many children. Betsy is the current U.S secretary of education and was offered the position in February 2017. She has been using her office to make sure that all children in the country have an opportunity to access a decent education. Before being appointed to serve the Trump administration, Mrs. DeVos gave millions of dollars to help in the transformation of the school system. She acts as a co-chair of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which is a foundation that was created to support education, Christian missions, medical research, and politics. Betsy has been in the political field since the 1970s when she was a Calvin College student. She has served as an official of the Republican Party for many years.

Mre. DeVos formerly acted as a volunteer at the Potter’s House Christian School, and this enabled her to realize as there was the need to change the education system. The learning institution is committed to helping children from low-income backgrounds to access a decent education. According to her, all parents need to be offered opportunities to make decisions that involve the education of their children. She has worked with different organizations to ensure that children join schools of their choice.Betsy has developed an outstanding reputation that enabled her to be given a chance to serve the American Education Reform Council. She also took part in various activities of Children First America, which is a foundation that is appreciated for its role in bringing education reforms. Mr. DeVos is one of the founders of the Great Lakes Education Project that has currently facilitated change in about 17 states. It has assisted about 250,000 children to be admitted at 33 private-choice learning institutions that receive government funding. Her efforts have enabled over 50,000 children to access scholarships and bursaries from the tax credit in Florida.

In her campaigns, Mrs. Devos has been advocating for the use of various alternative education that can enable children to have a decent education. They include school vouchers, magnet schools, digital learning, virtual schooling, home schooling, and tax credits. She believes that children across the United States need to have a chance to attend good schools despite their neighborhoods. The country’s education system admits individuals to learning institutions based on their ZIP codes and this denied low-income earners access to schools that can unlock their potential. Betsy established a chartered high school that is called West Michigan Aviation Academy. She has been supporting art related activities and is the founder of a contest that is known as ArtPrize.