The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall-Rejuvenating the Entertainment Spirit

A good time with loved ones sets the pace for a week at a high note. Family moments are beautiful but in some cases rare. This is as a result of the cost that comes up with them. The other factor that reduces the number of good times is the lack of time.

Roberto Santiago, now fifty-eight years old, is one of the most prominent Brazilian business persons. Santiago’s fame comes from the ownership of the largest mall in Joao Pessoa, the Roberto Santiago Manaira mall.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira mall project began when he purchased a piece of land to lay its foundation in 1987.The entrepreneur must have been well prepared to implement the plan because it took him two years to complete the infrastructure. The mall was launched in 1989.The mall had numerous facilities like colleges, food courts, gyms and a concert mall to mention a few.

Later he builds the Domus hall under the Santiago Manaira roof. He threw this surprise to his residents in 2009.This was a must go to all the residents as they had not seen something of that nature before. The mall could hold a capacity of 14000 people; 4000 sited and 10000 standing. The mall was designed very strategically to ensure everyone enjoyed the show equally. The aeration was also taken care off to ensure that the air was conducive for the audience. The lighting and sound system was flawless.

The Domus mall is not restricted to watching concerts only. The Domus mall is also used for wedding ceremonies, conferences, graduation ceremonies and any other event you may have in mind. It is also an interesting fact to note that the Domus mall is divided into two. The ground floor that is allocated for events and the other part comprises of cabins of people who need privacy.

Roberto Santiago has made the Manaira mall, the home of entertainment and shopping. The mall has a gaming center, a movie theater that shows the latest movies in town, a food court that allows you to taste all types of food just to mention a few.

As far as general shopping is concerned, everything is under the Manaira mall. Talk of gears, bookshops, jewelry and cloth shopping; everything is under the Manaira mall.

Roberto Santiago is an asset to the people of Manaira. Santiago has given them, the greatest gift by setting up a mall for them. They can now shop and have fun under one building. The Joao Pessoa residents can now create memories frequently. Santiago has therefore reunited families and reinforced relationships through his mall.

Santiago dream was to ensure that his project benefited the society. His dream came true because the Roberto Santiago Maniara mall solved a lot of problems and rejuvenated the entertainment spirit.