The Life and Work of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is on the radar of pretty much every real estate enthusiast and entrepreneurs throughout Los Angeles, CA. Adam Milstein is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and prominent real estate investor at Hager Pacific Properties. As the Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties, Milstein is always on the move and always working toward the next big thing within his industry. Catching up with an entrepreneur can be tough, especially because the best ones are so busy, but Milstein stole a slice of time in order to talk about his life and his career in real estate.

Milstein was born and raised overseas in Israel but he would move to America in order to chase higher education. Milstein specifically came to the United States in order to chase his MBA at USC. It was there that Milstein graduated with an MBA in entrepreneurship. Upon graduating, and even after looking at options while a student at job fairs, Milstein realized that working for another company was going to limit his earnings. Milstein says, “They were offering me less than what undergrad students were making.” That was all Milstein needed to know in order to adjust his perspective and aim for his own company. Milstein would go on to start working as his own real estate commercial broker. It would only take three years of hard work before he would be able to become a full blown investor in the scene.

As an entrepreneur there are many things that you learn early on in your work. For Milstein, it was the fact that his days no longer had definitive structure. Milstein says, “When you start a business, you don’t know what your day will look like. There is more structure as you acquire more assets and complete more activities.” That, as it turns out, is exactly what Milstein has been doing over the years. In terms of his special techniques for making this push? Well, he just believes in hard work. Milstein says, “I do a lot by myself. I also follow-up on a daily basis and don’t let anything fall in between the cracks.”

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