The Inputs of Sahm Adrangi that Helped Share Traders to Grab Significant Deals

Sahm Adrangi, the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, is known for identifying the share trading opportunities in the country’s largest stock market. His inputs have helped many traders to register more considerable gains in the markets. His short piece under the headline Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd: The Pebble Deposit Is Not Commercial Viable helped many people to buy back their position at Northern Dynasty (NYSE: NAK). Interestingly, some traders thanked him in forums as they could aggressively complete buyback at a price of $1.40s. It should be noted that the shares had a bigger spike in the price in the later days.

The investors agree that Adrangi is known for providing some great insights about each company apart from simply advising on the investments. He is a keen observer of all the major news updates in the market and finds an accurate conclusion with each of the movements. His more than a decades of investment experience in various capital markets along with executive role has helped, Adrangi to decipher the market movements better. For example, while most of the investors of GNC failed to observe the importance of laying off 15% of its headcount in December 2016, Sahm was quick enough to understand the indication of GNC rival’s move. He comprehended that if it was just laying off 15% of its staff, the chances of a bear run is less expected in the industry.

Adrangi started his career with Deutsche Bank as an Analyst in the year 2004 and worked as part of the leveraged finance group. A year later, he joined Chanin Capital Partners as an Analyst and took care of the bankruptcy restructuring. In April 2007, Sahm joined Longacre Fund Management as an Analyst and managed a $2 billion distressed debt fund.

In April 2009, Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management and assumed the role of its Chief Investment Officer. The investment management firm has grown significantly under the thoughtful leadership of Sahm; when it was launched it managed under $1 million, and currently, it manages over $150 million. He has rewritten many misconceptions about the investment strategies and simplified them for the investors. Adrangi completed his graduation from Yale University in Economics before starting his investment career.

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