Questions About Traveling Vineyard Answered In 3 Minutes!

If you want to get an in-depth understanding of how Traveling Vineyard’s business models work, its benefits, their social media presence and some of the reasons you would benefit from participating in The Traveling Vineyard, then you are in the right place.

So what is it?

Traveling Vineyard is an established marketing company that began in 2001. They held this year their first in the home event for tasting wine. The company deals with selling wine. They offer different varieties of wine, from white, red, sweet to fizzy. In addition, traveling vineyard sells accessories such as openers, decanters, and chillers and is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

How their business model works

First, you have to be a member of traveling vineyard and become a wine guide before you earn your first cash. The compensation plan determines the amount of income you will make, so it is crucial. Although the detailed information of the plan is not out in public, it is a good idea. On every order that you generate on your personal account, you get paid 35% as personal marketing fee for your services. Typically, members are paid three times a month. From their site, the guide average around $100 in incomes after every event. If you add the incentives, the amount is more.

Cost of joining

Joining Traveling Vineyard as a wine guide will cost you $174. This includes $75 for the first two tasting sets and $99 for the success kit. However, these packages are subject to change.

Benefits of joining Traveling Vineyard

It is an excellent platform for individuals to make some real cash and learn marketing and entrepreneurial skills. Although they have not specified the amount, you earn, with a little effort, it is possible to make a living with them.

In conclusion, having a large social media following can help increase your earnings with Traveling Vineyard. Get your account today and make some cash!