Dick Devos is Michigan’s Influential Philanthropist

Richard Marvin “Dick Devos” is a famous philanthropist and has supported many organizations together with his wife, Bests Devos who recently was interviewed with Philanthropy Roundtable. At the interview, she stated that with the support of Dick, they visited Potter’s House Christian School and found parents with bright kids but could not support their tuition fees. They started helping individual students who grew to a more extensive commitment. Today the couple supports the school at a significant level. Dick ran for the State Board of Education in Michigan and was elected in 1990 which helped them in implementing their philanthropic activities.


Moreover, Dick Devos is a well-known American entrepreneur and an author from West Michigan. Dick Devos and Betsy in 1989 founded the Dick $ Betsy Devos Foundation which has contributed to a vast array of organizations. In 2015, the foundation donated $ 11.6 million which summed their lifetime contribution to $ 139 million. I thought their donations are linked to political agenda as Betsy is an active politician, but Dick stated that their contributions are a direct support to the society which is inspiring.


The Dick & Betsy Devos Foundation has donated millions of dollars to five areas which include arts, justice, leadership, community, and education. Moreover, the Devos couple founded the Betsy and Dick Devos Scholars offering free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship. The scholarship supports MA, MS or MBA students at Thunderbird School of Global Management especially those from developing countries. Also, the scholars are awarded to students who wish to attain a BBA or BBA/MBA combination at Northwood University. According to Dick Devos, the current American school system affects kids who grow up in ZIP codes as they only achieve part of the America dream which I also agree. Therefore he works hard to support schools fulfill the America dream.


Dick Devos is a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan and attended the Forest Hills public school system. He is an alumnus of Northwood University where he earned a business administration. He has also received honorary doctorates from Northwood University, Grove City College, and Central Michigan University.


Devos was involved in his family business, Amway, as a child. From 1974, he has held different positions in the company which includes marketing, finance, sales, development, and research. In 1984, Dick was promoted to become one of the vice presidents of Amway with the role of managing operations in 18 countries. Dick Devos is passionate that through his foundation, the society will run its activities smoothly.


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Anthony Petrello supports neurological research center in Texas

Anthony Petrello works at Nabors Industries as the CEO of the company. Nabors Industries is the leading drilling contractor in the world. The company deals with oil and natural gases drilling. It is a global company and has operations in all most every corner of the world. However, apart from his responsibility as the CEO, he has another important role. He is a board member of Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees. When Anthony Petrello and his wife realized that they had a problem with their daughter’s neurological condition, they set out to find a solution for the condition. In their search for a medical center that could help their daughter, they realized that there was little research that had been conducted in the line of neurological disorders. It meant that they could not find a solution for their daughters’ condition with ease. They came to know that the research that has been conducted so far cannot give their daughter the solution their desire.

Anthony Petrello had to come up with a comprehensive solution for their daughter’s condition. They decided to sponsor a research center, made up of top doctors and surgeons who would conduct research on the neurological disorders and come up with a methodology of dealing with it. Before reaching this decision, Anthony Petrello and his wife had visited almost every prominent medical facility in the world, but they would not find a solution that was working for their sick daughter.

After spending several months studying the situation, he realized that there was a need to have a transatlantic research being conducted. According to him, the current medical facilities had not invested in this kind of research in a way that he would have liked it to be. Tony found that there were very little research efforts that had been applied to ensure that children facing brain disorders were treated successfully. He saw this as an opportunity to fill the gap by sponsoring a research center that would specifically deal with brain research for children.

Anthony Petrello and his wife approached Texas Children’s Hospital just in their neighborhood. They realized this facility was dedicated to the welfare and treatment of children and would use it as a base for setting up a new research facility. They intend to see that Carena and any other child out there who is facing the same medical condition is treated such that he or she can resume a normal life like other children.

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The Life and Work of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is on the radar of pretty much every real estate enthusiast and entrepreneurs throughout Los Angeles, CA. Adam Milstein is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and prominent real estate investor at Hager Pacific Properties. As the Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties, Milstein is always on the move and always working toward the next big thing within his industry. Catching up with an entrepreneur can be tough, especially because the best ones are so busy, but Milstein stole a slice of time in order to talk about his life and his career in real estate.

Milstein was born and raised overseas in Israel but he would move to America in order to chase higher education. Milstein specifically came to the United States in order to chase his MBA at USC. It was there that Milstein graduated with an MBA in entrepreneurship. Upon graduating, and even after looking at options while a student at job fairs, Milstein realized that working for another company was going to limit his earnings. Milstein says, “They were offering me less than what undergrad students were making.” That was all Milstein needed to know in order to adjust his perspective and aim for his own company. Milstein would go on to start working as his own real estate commercial broker. It would only take three years of hard work before he would be able to become a full blown investor in the scene.

As an entrepreneur there are many things that you learn early on in your work. For Milstein, it was the fact that his days no longer had definitive structure. Milstein says, “When you start a business, you don’t know what your day will look like. There is more structure as you acquire more assets and complete more activities.” That, as it turns out, is exactly what Milstein has been doing over the years. In terms of his special techniques for making this push? Well, he just believes in hard work. Milstein says, “I do a lot by myself. I also follow-up on a daily basis and don’t let anything fall in between the cracks.”

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How Sheldon Lavin Steered OSI Group To Global Prominence

Sheldon Lavin heads the OSI Group which has a fascinating history that began from over 100 years ago. The company was started in the year 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. It was just a small butchery in Chicago named Otto & Sons, USA. Today what started as a butcher shop has a global presence with partners all over the world. As the CEO of this company, Sheldon Lavin has maintained focus on food safety, environmentally friendly processing practices and sustainability. The growth of OSI has led to it making several acquisitions. Sheldon Lavin has managed to expand OSI Group using strategic methods focused on the market.

In 1955 Sheldon Lavin who was then working in the finance industry first got involved with Otto & Sons. The small company had been chosen as a hamburger supplier for McDonald, and Sheldon Lavin was arranging for financing from a bank to enable the company builds a meat processing plant. During this financial arrangement, the bank was of the opinion that Sheldon Lavin becomes a partner with Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons opened their hamburger plant in 1973 and became the official supplier of Hamburgers for McDonald in the Midwest. Sheldon Lavin was by this time one of the partners alongside the two sons of Otto Kolschowsky and helped the company steer into international markets by focusing on overseas engagements as McDonald’s also rapidly grew. Otto & Sons became OSI Group in 1975.

The 1980s saw the OSI Group expand to other continents and beef up its production by opening two new plants in the US. The company made an entrance into Austria, Taiwan, Spain, Germany and Brazil. The expansion continued well into the 1990s to set up in new markets in Mexico, China, the Philippines and Poland. Sheldon Lavin had by this time took the helm at OSI and was steering this expansion.

In the 2000s, because of aggressive market changes, Sheldon Lavin led the OSI group into the poultry business. It also started acquisitions and the first was in China’s fresh produce market and another beef company acquisition in Australia marked the entrance of OSI Group into the country. Due to demand, OSI Group made another purchase in a poultry company in the USA in 2006. In 2010 OSI Group opened a beef production company in Japan. The next years after 2010 saw the entry into China and Canada. The production in the USA also grew exponentially with the opening of more plants. In 2016, Vision World Academy awarded Sheldon Lavin’s work in expanding the OSI Group to a global status.

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AXA Advisors Helps Companies with Security Problems

AXA Advisors is a French International Organization. It is a firm that provides financial security to their customers and also other companies especially organizations that need the security. It was started in the year 1859. The services supplied by the firm are investment management and worldwide insurance. The people who benefit from these services are always grateful because they security problems are solved effectively. AXA Advisors is a company known to be always devoted and available to its customers.

AXA Advisors was able to link with the best global brands in the year 2016 so that it could create more success. North America, Western Europe, The Asia Pacific Region and The Middle East are some of the places where this firm has located its business. AXA Advisors bought Winterhur group with a total of €9 billion. Mutuelle de L’assurance center L’incendie used to be the name of AXA Advisors.  Check out Alumnius for the details.

AXA Advisors does not only provide financial security to its clients but team up with benevolent companies to help improve the community to a better state. So far they have come up with AXA Research which has helped in different ways. It has prevented challenges that are associated with the community, humanity and the community. The organization is found in Paris in the 8th arrondissement. For more details visit Crunchbase.

One of the top leaders of AXA Advisors is Vincent Parasandola. He is the senior vice president of the firm. He takes care of employment progress, efficiency, sales and new financial professionals. He was an agent at Prudential, here is where it all bean for him. He has been in the business world for 25 years. Then he went to MOY Life Insurance Company. Throughout his career, Vincent Parascandola has always had impressive management skills that helped the companies that he has been in before this became the reason why he got himself in AXA Advisors. From Pace University, he got a bachelor’s degree in science.

Vincent did not just become senior vice president of the company; he used to be the president of the equitable unit of the firm. His hard work has landed him awards like Master Agency Awards and GAMA’s Career Development. Visit Vimeo to know more.

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Adam Milstein Talks about His Entrepreneurial Journey

Adam Milstein, who is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, is a shrewd real estate investor. The expert attributes his success in the real estate business to his ability to marry his life knowledge with industry experience. After graduating from the University of Southern California with an MBA in entrepreneurship, Adam joined the job market. Being a foreigner, the Israeli-born entrepreneur could not land a good job opportunity in the United States. This situation did not deter Milstein from striving to achieve his American dream. Having grown up in a family having a real estate business, he knew different strategies to make it in the field. Adam decided to become a real estate commercial broker. Although the job was challenging, Milstein worked hard and success started coming his way. Over the years, he has grown to become an authority in the real estate industry.

When Adam ventured into the real estate industry, he had a few properties under his management. This way, he had lots of time at his disposal. However, the situation has since changed. The investor’s days are full of numerous activities. They include managing the company and also running the two charities that he has founded. These activities have helped in ensuring that each of Adam’s days is productive.

Entrepreneurship is about creating ideas and bringing them to life. Unlike other entrepreneurs who rely on other people to help them bring their ideas to life, Milstein works on his ideas alone. The entrepreneur strongly believes that whatever other people can do to his ideas, he can do better. This approach has seen the success of his investments, including Hager Pacific. This information was posted

Milstein is a real estate investor, philanthropist, and community leader. The Israeli-born entrepreneur has an illustrious career. Previously, Adam worked as a real estate commercial broker before venturing into entrepreneurship. He is also the co-founder and national chairman of the Israeli-American Council. In addition, Milstein is a board member of AIPAC National Council, AISH Los Angeles, Jewish Funders Network, and the Israel on Campus Coalition.

Before moving to the US to pursue his postgraduate studies, Milstein worked at his father’s real estate development company. He pursued his undergraduate degree at the prestigious Technion College. He is a former solder with the Israeli Defense Forces. Adam participated in the Yom Kippur War.

Eric Pulier and the Role of an Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier was just a kid when he first stumbled across computers. Pulier grew up in the ’80s in a time before computers were so prevalent and saturated. Finding time to use them wasn’t as easy as it is today! So, Pulier knew early on that passion for computers was real and that led him to the revelation that he wanted to make a career out of working within technology. Nowadays Eric Pulier is the leader at the epic XPrize Foundation which focuses on bringing opportunity to entrepreneurs and innovators with ideas that just need an outlet. He is also a prolific venture capitalist and a trendsetter within the tech industry.

Eric Pulier is one of our favorite entrepreneurs in Los Angeles because he never loses site of his goals in his tireless pursuit of innovation. Pulier started off his career working within the healthcare and educational fields as he established his first company back in 1993, People Doing Things. People Doing Things, or PDT, sought to bring low cost solutions to an healthcare and education in order to help out low income areas of Los Angeles. Pulier’s work in this area immediately showed that he believed in more than just making money — he wanted to make a difference.

Seeing where Pulier started out with in terms of his entrepreneurial work it should surprise nobody that he became a tireless philanthropic advocate. Pulier rose to prominence in the early ’90s when he worked alongside President Bill Clinton in order to look for cloud computing solutions for low income communities that were affordable while still being effective. He also worked to develop educational systems for students that were struggling with multiple sclerosis. Pulier has long put caring about the bottom line and that is something that nobody should lose sight of. For more info about us: http://inspirery.com/eric-pulier/ click here.

Eric Pulier credits coming up early in the tech industry as one of the primary reasons that he has learned to be so disciplined. When Pulier first got started you had to really grind for every new customer because there was no massive internet to lean on. Now we can only wait and see how well he does with the audience he has available.

Dr. Imran Haque Explains about Diabetes

It is evident that technology has changed the lifestyle of many people in the world, and the medical field has not been left out. Without a doubt, the health sector is one of the top aspects of the human development regarding technological innovations. Currently, the artistic techniques of accurate diagnosis and treatment of a patient’s ailment have been implemented.

The phenomenon is best explained by Dr. Imran Haque, who is a prominent doctor working at Horizon Internal Medicine in Asheboro, North Carolina. For over 15 years, Dr. Imran Haque has assisted many patients to attain body wellness. He is a highly experienced doctor specializing in laser hair removal, cosmetic surgery, weight management, diabetes management and Venus body contouring.

Horizon Internal Medicine is one of the best medical centers for primary care. The clinic has stayed with the latest trends in technology for medical uses. Dr. Imran Haque has the required skills in specific treatment where patients can be taken for surgery. Horizon Internal Medicine has supported the concept of robotic and non-invasive surgical process that could help patients.

According to recent research, more than 9.3 percent of the people living in the United States suffer from diabetes. That translates to approximately 29 million US citizens. That is due to poor eating habit and sedentary lifestyle that triggers the infection of this deadly disease. According to Dr. Imran Haque, diabetes is a disease that destructively affects your body’s capability to produce and respond to insulin, one of the essential hormones in the body. Note that your body requires insulin to assimilate the sugar or glucose, providing the energy required by your body. The consistent abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates causes a debilitating condition that results to the high content of glucose in the blood and urine. Note that there are the three major types of diabetes are Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and Gestational Diabetes.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: The Man Long Destined To Lead Bradesco

It is often said that certain leaders are made for a position. Why it is a peculiar assertion, it often seems true where a leader seamlessly excels at his/her position. For Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, a look at his journey with Banco Bradesco shows that he was in fact born for the position. He is Bradesco’s soul, and Bradesco is his soul. With his stay at the bank now approaching five decades, Bradesco has shaped the professional and person Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has become while on the other side through the various positions he held over the years he has also influenced the direction it has taken over the years.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi joined Banco Bradesco in 1969. At the time he was an innocent 18-year old that had been born and raised in Marilia, Brazil. As fate would have it, his employer also had its origins in the city. It had been founded 26 years before he joined by Amador Aguiar with the first offices being located in Marilia. The first position he held at the bank was the entry level role of a clerk. However, he quickly to the culture at Bradesco and the lessons given to him by superiors and was promoted to work at the bank’s head offices in Cidade de Deus, Osasco, Sao Paulo less than two years later. He consistently impressed with every role his was assigned and was consequently rewarded with a major promotion to marketing director in 1984. In the time he served in this position, he increased the bank’s interaction with members of the fourth estate thus making it easier to attract new clients. His next biggest promotion would come in 1999 when aged only 47 he was named the executive vice president of Bradesco’s biggest subsidiary, Bradesco Seguros. Less than five years later, he would be named the subsidiary’s president.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s tenure as president of Bradesco Seguros was highly successful. He warded off the increased competition the company was facing and managed to secure its standing as the leading player in the industry by growing its market share to 25 percent. This he achieved through prudent all-round management and shrewdly expanding the company’s agent network. The company’s contribution to Bradesco’s annual returns also grew by 10 percent between 2003 when he was first named the president, and 2009 when he left. In recognition of his efforts towards growing the insurance industry in Brazil, he was on two separate occasions named the insurance personality of the year.

In addition to expansion, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has laid great emphasis on innovation at Bradesco. The bank has always been known for initiating various trends and strategies in the banking industry. Bradesco was the first bank in the country to make use of the computer and launch credit cards. In keeping in line with this tradition, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has ensured Bradesco is the first Brazilian bank to implement an environmental and sustainability policy. Following from this, the bank was in 2011 named the greenest Brazilian company and the fourth greenest in the world by Newsweek. In 2015, he also initiated the daring move acquiring HSBC’s Brazilian business for $5.2 billion. As per Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the takeover saved the bank considerable time in its expansion strategy.

Even as Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is approaching his retirement age, it is highly likely that his time with the bank will not come to an end anytime soon. Many predict him to be the company’s next chairman of the board once Lazaro Brandao retires.

Learn more about Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi: http://www.infomoney.com.br/assuntos/luiz-carlos-trabuco-cappi

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall-Rejuvenating the Entertainment Spirit

A good time with loved ones sets the pace for a week at a high note. Family moments are beautiful but in some cases rare. This is as a result of the cost that comes up with them. The other factor that reduces the number of good times is the lack of time.

Roberto Santiago, now fifty-eight years old, is one of the most prominent Brazilian business persons. Santiago’s fame comes from the ownership of the largest mall in Joao Pessoa, the Roberto Santiago Manaira mall.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira mall project began when he purchased a piece of land to lay its foundation in 1987.The entrepreneur must have been well prepared to implement the plan because it took him two years to complete the infrastructure. The mall was launched in 1989.The mall had numerous facilities like colleges, food courts, gyms and a concert mall to mention a few.

Later he builds the Domus hall under the Santiago Manaira roof. He threw this surprise to his residents in 2009.This was a must go to all the residents as they had not seen something of that nature before. The mall could hold a capacity of 14000 people; 4000 sited and 10000 standing. The mall was designed very strategically to ensure everyone enjoyed the show equally. The aeration was also taken care off to ensure that the air was conducive for the audience. The lighting and sound system was flawless.

The Domus mall is not restricted to watching concerts only. The Domus mall is also used for wedding ceremonies, conferences, graduation ceremonies and any other event you may have in mind. It is also an interesting fact to note that the Domus mall is divided into two. The ground floor that is allocated for events and the other part comprises of cabins of people who need privacy.

Roberto Santiago has made the Manaira mall, the home of entertainment and shopping. The mall has a gaming center, a movie theater that shows the latest movies in town, a food court that allows you to taste all types of food just to mention a few.

As far as general shopping is concerned, everything is under the Manaira mall. Talk of gears, bookshops, jewelry and cloth shopping; everything is under the Manaira mall.

Roberto Santiago is an asset to the people of Manaira. Santiago has given them, the greatest gift by setting up a mall for them. They can now shop and have fun under one building. The Joao Pessoa residents can now create memories frequently. Santiago has therefore reunited families and reinforced relationships through his mall.

Santiago dream was to ensure that his project benefited the society. His dream came true because the Roberto Santiago Maniara mall solved a lot of problems and rejuvenated the entertainment spirit.

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