Lung Stem Cell Treatments For Ongoing, Chronic Lung Disease

There are a variety of lung and upper respiratory conditions that can adversely affect how a person breathes, their ability to fight infection and their overall health. Some of these conditions include cystic fibrosis, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, COPD and more. Over time a person’s lungs can be permanently damaged from the daily symptoms that they have dealt with and for many years, this damage was irreversible. Now, many medical facilities, including The Lung Institute, are utilizing a number of treatment options to help improve a patient’s quality of life. One of these treatments is a lung stem cell treatment.

The process of a lung stem cell treatment involves the use of a patient’s own stem cells. These cells can be extracted either through bone marrow or blood. Once returned to the patient’s body there can potentially be a great deal of healing that occurs to this area. The hope is that increase lung function will result and patients will gain many more healthy years from a procedure that is much simpler than a lung transplant.

The has perfected their lung stem cell treatment. Once stem cells have been removed from a patient’s blood or bone marrow, the stem cells will then be separated from other cells that are included in a typical sample. After that, medical professionals will return the blood to a patient. Some people may assume the stem cells need to be administered directly to the lungs in order to be effective but such is not the case. The Lung Institute has done extensive research on this topic and have found that when the blood and stem cells are put back into the body, the blood travels through the heart and lungs. In the lungs the stem cells will become trapped, allowing healing to occur.

Unfortunately, not all patients are candidates for a lung stem cell treatment procedure. However, the experienced staff at The Lung Institute can assist with determining if a patient would benefit from a treatment such as this. Within just a heartbeat or two, stem cells can be administered right to the lungs and show a promising future for patient’s with chronic lung disease.

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