Kate Hudson’s Fabletics May Just Surpass Amazon

If you want to know how impressive a feat it would be to catch or beat Amazon in sales, take a closer look at how much money Amazon makes in the fashion e-commerce market. This is an industry where this retail giant is making 20 percent of all the sales while thousands of other retailers are scratching and clawing for the remaining customers. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is not content with mulling around in the mix with all those other clothing companies, this little engine that could has already sold $250 million in sales of women’s active-wear in only three short years.


To get a real understanding why this athleisure brand has really connected with women, we only need to ask Hudson herself. She will tell you that the reason her company has seen such an explosion in sales only comes down to two sales techniques being utilized in a very creative manner. To see these techniques in action, first we head to the local Fabletics stores in the mall. This is not a typical shopping experience, there is no sales pressure from any of the associates. Women are free to window-shop, try on all the different pieces of workout apparel, and even take the lifestyle quiz to help enhance membership perks.


The real secret to the success of Fablectics in this crowded fashion e-commerce market occurs in the e-commerce store. With a larger inventory to shop, those same shoppers from the mall head to the online store to continue shopping. Everything that they wore inside the mall has been uploaded to the online profile, so these women can continue exactly where they left off at the mall. This is exactly what they are doing too, filling the online cart with the latest styles of yoga pants, leggings, and tank tops.


Membership benefits for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics customers doesn’t end there, these ladies are enjoying free shipping for those online orders, discounted pricing on all the clothing, and even the help of their very own Fabletics shopping assistant. Your assistant uses your quiz answers to pick a piece of workout apparel each month and add to your cart for consideration. With all this pampering going on, is it any wonder why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has seen such an explosion in sales revenues? Amazon may have some real competition at the top if things continue at this incredible pace for one of the latest contenders in the active-wear market.