Insightful facts about Honey Birdette

The founder of Honey Birdette has been amended by a relatively large number of individuals for her work. Honey has played a significant role in advocating for the equal roles between marriage partners and through her organization, she has attracted a vast number of women concerned about their status in the society. The founder recently took to the streets to demonstrate against the bill that was passed by the government, together with a vast number of concerned ladies as well as models who were dressed in a lingerie manner. The provoked demonstrators walked through the CBD Sydney streets as they carried posters with information on their grievances.

The demonstration was made successful through the founder’s promotion of awareness on their social media platform, through which she advocated on the theme #freethenipple. The firm attracted the attention of many individuals, some who criticized their action and others who highly congratulated the women for their bold move to fight for their rights. During the demonstrations, a considerable number of those involved did not chant any songs or words, but seemed bored and pissed off by the action that the government per took. Honey believes that the number of individuals who participated in the demonstrations was a representation of the other women who could not make it attend the rally.

Besides, two customers at Honey Bridette`s lingerie store seemed displeased with the lingerie model at the shop’s window and as a result opted to engage in a conversation with the parties involved about the issue. The managing team of the store insists that no one has raised concerns regarding the image of the models in lingerie wears and that they will openly address the matter in cases of such complaints. The firm has always been ready to address all their customer complaints and looks forward towards providing the best services and products to all their clients.