How Has Bruno Fagali Transformed Brazilian Public Law

There are still many Brazilians who believe that if you want to make any changes in the public administration systems, you have to be a member of the parliament. However, there is one lawyer who has proven that it is possible to make the positive change in the community, regardless of the position that one holds.

Bruno Fagali is the founder and the president of the Fagali Advocacy. He is a lawyer by profession with a Masters in Law degree and has been practicing law for more than a decade.

The areas of law which Bruno deals with include constitutional law, anti-corruption law, parliamentary and electoral law. Bruno Fagali believes that real democracy is achieved when even the weakest members of the community can air their opinion without fearing that anyone will hurt or victimize them. He has been deeply involved in the law making process, especially when there are issues related to human rights. Fagali Law Firm employs more than 30 people and has clients all over the country. The individuals who have been served by Bruno Fagali admit that despite his achievements he is still very humble and always willing to assist when his help is needed.

Before he left to start his company, Bruno was working as a lawyer for several companies. Some of the issues that he used to handle are criminal law and also personal injury law. He admits that it is through working in these places that he was able to gather the skills that are needed to be a good leader. Bruno Fagali adds that the best quality a good leader will have is that the ability to take into consideration the needs of all their clients before they make any legal decision. Bruno Fagali is a great person and an even greater lawyer. His legacy will continue long after him.

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