Fabletics: A Trendy Approach to Active Wear

Kate Hudson’s latest venture, Fabletics, has seen skyrocketing success in the past few years since its founding. The company has been compared to brands like Apple and Uber and it seems like the sky is the limit for what Kate Hudson and her team can accomplish.


The trend of designing fun, yet functional athletic wear has been rapidly growing over the past several years and Fabletics has found an incredible niche in that market. One of the most unique things about the brand was that it was able to launch and strive in a market that was already filled with popular brands such as Lu Lu Lemon. In fact, in the athletic wear market, online retail giant Amazon controls around roughly 20% of the market share, meaning it is becoming tricky for established brands to launch new lines, let alone a startup like Fabletics.


Today, Fabletics has risen to be one of the top contenders in the work of athletic wear and may be the top player in online athletic wear. How do they do it? A tactic called reverse showrooming may be the key.


Instead of focusing on opening a costly stores or “showrooms” that have very high overhead and require a physical staff, Fabletics is putting its online store first. Many staff members in traditional stores are there to simply keep the store tidy and focus on the displays while customers wander the aisles with no true intent of purchase. Today’s shopper often tries to get a feel for what they are purchasing and then looks to online retailers, such as Amazon, to save a few dollars in the buying process.


Because Fabletics focuses on their digital storeroom and creating a custom experience for the user in the digital space, they have been able to push to number one in the market.


Perhaps a lot of this success is due to Kate Hudson’s influence on the brand. She truly has her hands on all aspects of the brand. In a recent profile from CNBC, she cited being hands on as one of the most important things that any company owner can do. Among her tips in the wonderful article, she recommended to follow your instincts and to not be afraid to take risks.


We expect big things from Fabletics and Kate Hudson in 2017 – including rapid continued growth in the athletic wear space.

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