Eric Pulier and the Role of an Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier was just a kid when he first stumbled across computers. Pulier grew up in the ’80s in a time before computers were so prevalent and saturated. Finding time to use them wasn’t as easy as it is today! So, Pulier knew early on that passion for computers was real and that led him to the revelation that he wanted to make a career out of working within technology. Nowadays Eric Pulier is the leader at the epic XPrize Foundation which focuses on bringing opportunity to entrepreneurs and innovators with ideas that just need an outlet. He is also a prolific venture capitalist and a trendsetter within the tech industry.

Eric Pulier is one of our favorite entrepreneurs in Los Angeles because he never loses site of his goals in his tireless pursuit of innovation. Pulier started off his career working within the healthcare and educational fields as he established his first company back in 1993, People Doing Things. People Doing Things, or PDT, sought to bring low cost solutions to an healthcare and education in order to help out low income areas of Los Angeles. Pulier’s work in this area immediately showed that he believed in more than just making money — he wanted to make a difference.

Seeing where Pulier started out with in terms of his entrepreneurial work it should surprise nobody that he became a tireless philanthropic advocate. Pulier rose to prominence in the early ’90s when he worked alongside President Bill Clinton in order to look for cloud computing solutions for low income communities that were affordable while still being effective. He also worked to develop educational systems for students that were struggling with multiple sclerosis. Pulier has long put caring about the bottom line and that is something that nobody should lose sight of. For more info about us: click here.

Eric Pulier credits coming up early in the tech industry as one of the primary reasons that he has learned to be so disciplined. When Pulier first got started you had to really grind for every new customer because there was no massive internet to lean on. Now we can only wait and see how well he does with the audience he has available.