Arthur Beckers’ Careers In Technology And Real Estate

Arthur Becker is the Founder of Madison Partners, LLC and serves as the investing firm’s Managing Member. Becker’s investment focus is on New York City and Miami real estate and in startup biotechnology companies. He started Madison Partners in 2011 as he saw new opportunities to expand his fortune and due to his interest in helping generate the next generation of cures for diseases.

Becker’s specialty in real estate is investing in condominium developments. His personal interest in the biotechnology industry guides his investing as well as his investing acumen. While he foresees a large financial opportunity by investing in this industry he also wants to help contribute to helping people who are suffering from diseases. One of his particular interests is in the advances in therapies to treat and cure cancer. He has learned from professionals in the industry the various approaches they are using and he finds them fascinating.

Arthur Becker has had a lot of great successes during his career as an entrepreneur, he says he has also had significant setbacks. He says that he has taken lessons from the numerous times he has failed and has applied those to his next ventures in order to avoid the same fate again.

Arthur has experience in a number of different industries. In the fashion industry he was a senior advisor to the Vera Wang company. He made much of his large fortune with two companies, NaviSite and Zinio, LLC. Becker was the Chief Executive Officer of NaviSite, a company which provided cloud services to the enterprise market. The company was sold to Time Warner in 2011. While he was Chairman and CEO of Zinio he led the website to be the world’s largest provider of online access to magazines sourced from around the globe.

Two of Arthur Beckers’ current focus is on completing work on three luxury townhouses that he purchased on Sullivan St. in the Soho district of New York City. He is also in the beginning stages of building a luxury condominium project which is located in Tribeca.