Anthony Petrello supports neurological research center in Texas

Anthony Petrello works at Nabors Industries as the CEO of the company. Nabors Industries is the leading drilling contractor in the world. The company deals with oil and natural gases drilling. It is a global company and has operations in all most every corner of the world. However, apart from his responsibility as the CEO, he has another important role. He is a board member of Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees. When Anthony Petrello and his wife realized that they had a problem with their daughter’s neurological condition, they set out to find a solution for the condition. In their search for a medical center that could help their daughter, they realized that there was little research that had been conducted in the line of neurological disorders. It meant that they could not find a solution for their daughters’ condition with ease. They came to know that the research that has been conducted so far cannot give their daughter the solution their desire.

Anthony Petrello had to come up with a comprehensive solution for their daughter’s condition. They decided to sponsor a research center, made up of top doctors and surgeons who would conduct research on the neurological disorders and come up with a methodology of dealing with it. Before reaching this decision, Anthony Petrello and his wife had visited almost every prominent medical facility in the world, but they would not find a solution that was working for their sick daughter.

After spending several months studying the situation, he realized that there was a need to have a transatlantic research being conducted. According to him, the current medical facilities had not invested in this kind of research in a way that he would have liked it to be. Tony found that there were very little research efforts that had been applied to ensure that children facing brain disorders were treated successfully. He saw this as an opportunity to fill the gap by sponsoring a research center that would specifically deal with brain research for children.

Anthony Petrello and his wife approached Texas Children’s Hospital just in their neighborhood. They realized this facility was dedicated to the welfare and treatment of children and would use it as a base for setting up a new research facility. They intend to see that Carena and any other child out there who is facing the same medical condition is treated such that he or she can resume a normal life like other children.

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