Adam Milstein Talks about His Entrepreneurial Journey

Adam Milstein, who is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, is a shrewd real estate investor. The expert attributes his success in the real estate business to his ability to marry his life knowledge with industry experience. After graduating from the University of Southern California with an MBA in entrepreneurship, Adam joined the job market. Being a foreigner, the Israeli-born entrepreneur could not land a good job opportunity in the United States. This situation did not deter Milstein from striving to achieve his American dream. Having grown up in a family having a real estate business, he knew different strategies to make it in the field. Adam decided to become a real estate commercial broker. Although the job was challenging, Milstein worked hard and success started coming his way. Over the years, he has grown to become an authority in the real estate industry.

When Adam ventured into the real estate industry, he had a few properties under his management. This way, he had lots of time at his disposal. However, the situation has since changed. The investor’s days are full of numerous activities. They include managing the company and also running the two charities that he has founded. These activities have helped in ensuring that each of Adam’s days is productive.

Entrepreneurship is about creating ideas and bringing them to life. Unlike other entrepreneurs who rely on other people to help them bring their ideas to life, Milstein works on his ideas alone. The entrepreneur strongly believes that whatever other people can do to his ideas, he can do better. This approach has seen the success of his investments, including Hager Pacific. This information was posted

Milstein is a real estate investor, philanthropist, and community leader. The Israeli-born entrepreneur has an illustrious career. Previously, Adam worked as a real estate commercial broker before venturing into entrepreneurship. He is also the co-founder and national chairman of the Israeli-American Council. In addition, Milstein is a board member of AIPAC National Council, AISH Los Angeles, Jewish Funders Network, and the Israel on Campus Coalition.

Before moving to the US to pursue his postgraduate studies, Milstein worked at his father’s real estate development company. He pursued his undergraduate degree at the prestigious Technion College. He is a former solder with the Israeli Defense Forces. Adam participated in the Yom Kippur War.