Alexandre Gama Initiates Change In Creative Sector


Brazil’s own Alexandre Gama is one of the most innovative and awarded individuals in the creative and advertising industry. He has won countless awards for his work with Neogama as wells as for his leadership skills. Alexandre Gama received two degrees from the Armando Alvarez Penteado Foundation and basically grew his own company from the things he learned here.

Neogama is a advertising and communications firm that opened up in 1999. Alexandre Gama was the mastermind behind the firm and has received a ton of success since day one. The agency is known to be one of Brazil’s fastest growing companies ever. In just their first year of operation, Neogama won a Lion from the Cannes Festival. Since then, the company and Alexandre Gama have won a total of 23 Lions. This is quite an accomplishment for somone like Gama. In addition to winning multiple Lions, the company has also been recognized as Agency of The Year and given the Caboré award.

Alexandre Gama has also received a ton of publicity apart from his company. He as been recognized as one of the top businessmen in Brazil as well as one of the top 10 leaders in the communications industry.


Equities First Holdings LLC Offers Premier Investment Options for Customers

Equities First Holdings LLC is a global lender and leader in various types of alternative shareholding financing solutions which just recently relocated its headquarter offices to Melbourne. This location will make it more accessible to both clients and business associates. This relocation will help the company continue to grow and make room for more expansions in the future. Equities First Holdings LLC now has locations in many various cities including Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. Equities First Holdings LLC has been providing customers with an alternative finance solution since 2002 and has completed over 700 transactions around the world with a value of more than $1.4 billion in the transactions to date. They are currently present in 9 countries with cities like Hong Kong and London.

Companies that are located all over the world can benefit from the services that Equities First Holdings LLC has to offer. As the company holds offices in the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Australia to name a few places the company can virtually help any client anywhere on the planet at any time. Equities First Holdings LLC works to make every investment work hard as it possibly can for the customer. This customer-first oriented approach makes this a great company who is worthy of any company investing in them. Equity First Holdings LLC strives to limit the risks that are posed to the client of losing the capital they put into their investments. While any investment has some chance of losing the money put into it, Equities First Holdings LLC goes out of their way to ensure that they are using methods of investing that pose the least risk to the client as possible while still growing the principal amount of money that was put into the investment in the first place.

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Doe Deere is Unconventional and That is a Good Thing

Doe Deere has managed to give consumers a lot to talk about if makeup is the subject of conversation. She has built the cosmetics empire, and people are somewhat anxious to see what she is trying to do next. She has put herself on another level where she looks like someone that is much different than what everyone else is doing.


Her unique style of cosmetics is something that is definitely sweeping the nation because the colors are bright and the responses are always coming at people that wear her products. Sometime the response is good and it is overwhelmingly bad at other times. Doe Deere doesn’t care whether the input is good or bad. She wants her customers to be honest with her, and she even listens to and welcomes the commentary of critics. This is the sign of a mature and establish CEO. She isn’t just out there looking for people to praise her products. Doe Deere wants to make sure that she is creating products that the world will love, but she wants to hear from the critics when she is not living up to her full potential. This is what makes people appreciate what she is trying to do. She listens to input directly from her fan base, but she has been in the business for close to a decade so she also takes heed to her own inner voice.


Doe Deere believes that there are strength in numbers when it comes to word-of-mouth advertising for the products that she is creating. This is why she is pleased to see that there are over a million people that are following her Lime Crime brand on Instagram. This type of promotional through word-of-mouth appeal is what keeps the brain going. It would be difficult for her to successfully promote the brand if she did not have this type of word-of-mouth promotion. There are so many major companies that are utilizing commercials and everything else that it takes to build a brand. What Doe Deere has managed to do is create a brand that relies heavily on these consumers to spread the word. Fortunately, spreading the word has never been easier thanks to all of the social media portals like Facebook and Twitter. This has become the brand that has managed to thrive, and Doe Deere is the one-women show that is taking this brand to the top.


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Is The Traveling Vineyard A Legitimate Business?

     There are many people who have heard about the Traveling Vineyard company and how it works. The company is an online based wine brand that allows for ordinary people to sell their wine. Their goal is to get their wine tasted by as many people across the nation as possible, and this goal can only be achieved when people like us are here to help promote the brand. Of course, they know that there is work involved, and this is why they so gladly offer their Wine Guides with 35 percent of the profits. They also payout several times in a week allowing for the sellers to gain as much of their money as soon as they can give them out.

The Traveling Vineyard is a legitimate business that can make you real money. Now, it’s important to remember that there is a lot of work involved. While it is very easy to make money and flexible enough for your life, it definitely requires energy and plenty of courage to talk to people and to have a very courageous approach to every situation you are matched with. The Traveling Vineyard will not sell for you. Just because you become a guide, there is no genuine guarantee that you will make sales. This is when your own hard work comes into play because your really need to push yourself as a seller to get people to buy the wine that you are trying to sell. There’s countless people who love the wine that they do have, so it isn’t exactly tough convincing people to try their wine out.

There are many people who are making this their main source of income. If you are busy with your own work, then consider this as a way to make some extra cash on the weekends and on days where you aren’t working. However, if you want to take this business and make it a full-time income, you definitely can do that and actually make it happen.

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Fabletics: A Trendy Approach to Active Wear

Kate Hudson’s latest venture, Fabletics, has seen skyrocketing success in the past few years since its founding. The company has been compared to brands like Apple and Uber and it seems like the sky is the limit for what Kate Hudson and her team can accomplish.


The trend of designing fun, yet functional athletic wear has been rapidly growing over the past several years and Fabletics has found an incredible niche in that market. One of the most unique things about the brand was that it was able to launch and strive in a market that was already filled with popular brands such as Lu Lu Lemon. In fact, in the athletic wear market, online retail giant Amazon controls around roughly 20% of the market share, meaning it is becoming tricky for established brands to launch new lines, let alone a startup like Fabletics.


Today, Fabletics has risen to be one of the top contenders in the work of athletic wear and may be the top player in online athletic wear. How do they do it? A tactic called reverse showrooming may be the key.


Instead of focusing on opening a costly stores or “showrooms” that have very high overhead and require a physical staff, Fabletics is putting its online store first. Many staff members in traditional stores are there to simply keep the store tidy and focus on the displays while customers wander the aisles with no true intent of purchase. Today’s shopper often tries to get a feel for what they are purchasing and then looks to online retailers, such as Amazon, to save a few dollars in the buying process.


Because Fabletics focuses on their digital storeroom and creating a custom experience for the user in the digital space, they have been able to push to number one in the market.


Perhaps a lot of this success is due to Kate Hudson’s influence on the brand. She truly has her hands on all aspects of the brand. In a recent profile from CNBC, she cited being hands on as one of the most important things that any company owner can do. Among her tips in the wonderful article, she recommended to follow your instincts and to not be afraid to take risks.


We expect big things from Fabletics and Kate Hudson in 2017 – including rapid continued growth in the athletic wear space.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Healthy and Delicious Beneful Dog Food

Is Beneful wet or dry dog food better? That really only depends on the desire of your dog. Many dogs will love the taste and texture of both. Unfortunately some dogs are inherently a little more picky than others. Beneful wet dog food is no better than Beneful dry dog food. Both types of dog food consist of real beef or chicken as their number one ingredient. This is why your dog will always love eating when you put a Beneful food product in their bowl. Again, the only real difference in one being better than the other comes down to the preference of your dog.

Beneful wet dog food is extremely healthy, as is Beneful dry dog food. Beneful always aims to compliment meals with a health recipe and a memorable taste for your dog. Heck, the wet dog food even tastes pretty good to some humans. Beneful offers wet dog food varieties both for full grown dogs and for puppies. The puppy formula will be a little different as younger dogs have different dietary needs than full grown dogs. A simple browse through of will show you the variety of prices and servings available to purchase.

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Wessex Institute of Technology Press: Responsible For The World’s Finest Scientific Literature

Founded by Professor Carlos A. Brebbia in 1981, Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is one of England’s premier research centers for graduate level studies in science and technology. WIT’s main campus is located in Ashurst Lodge in the south of England, only about a two-hour car ride away from London.

In addition to Wessex Institute of Technology’s conference series and graduate programs, WIT also has a powerful publishing division. The WIT Press has its main headquarters on the Ashurst Lodge campus, but there’s also a WIT Press division in Massachusetts. People working at WIT Press are responsible for publishing numerous manuscripts, monographs, and conference transcripts throughout the year. Today, WIT Press is converting all of their physical books into an electronic format.

WIT Press is also responsible for publishing dozens of well-respected scientific journals. A few of these journals include the International Journal of Sustainable Development, the International Journal of Environmental Impacts, and the International Journal of Heritage Architecture. All of these journals deal with the latest issues in the fields of science and technology.


Everyone Benefits from Todd Lubar’s Business

There are many people who need loans and who need to borrow money. These are trustworthy people who will always pay that money back but who may not have it right then. In these instances, people can’t usually get the money that they need and that is a major problem for them. It is also something that they have to deal with when it comes to traditional lenders. Todd Lubar knows that they will need to have someone who can help them, though, and that means that he does what he can to make things better for each of these people. He has designed a business that allows people to borrow money even when they are unable to borrow money from traditional lenders. He also knows that they are able to get what they can out of different situations so that they will be able to learn more about the opportunities that they have when it comes to their own financial situations.

Todd Lubar does what he can to keep his business going. While he is very successful, he knows that it is not something that just runs itself. He wants to make sure that he keeps working as hard as he did in the beginning. He is passionate about business, finance and the company that he is able to do. There are many different things that Todd Lubar does with the business and this gives him the chance to have an even better business that he works with to make things better.

Because of the way that he runs things with the business and with lending, Todd Lubar knows what he needs to do. This means that he needs to make sure that he is keeping track of the different opportunities that are present in the business. It also means that he has his hands on every part of the business. He does what he can to make sure that the business is running efficiently, people are getting the options that they want and that he is still able to make money from the lending that he offers to others.


Beneful Hits the Target

If you are in the market for a nutritious dog food brand at Target with a ton of great options and amazing yummy flavors for your dog, then Beneful is the clear choice. Beneful is made by Purina which has been around for the past eight decades. Right now, Target has an amazing selection of different Beneful dog food products ranging in price from $2.99 up to $33.99 which are available in store and online. Target carries Beneful dog bites called “IncrediBites” which are just for small dogs.

These snack bites have incredible flavors and are made with real chicken and veggies. A super-hot item for dog snacks right now is Beneful’s “Baked Delights Snackers” that have tons of savory goodness in each bite. Target also has cool Beneful “Break and Bites” that are great for treat time for your dog. I say cool because Thse bites break into two equal bite sized snacks for one or two dogs. Target also carries nutrient rich prepared meals by Beneful in 3 and 10 ounce variety packs.

Target has a robust selection of wet and dry dog food from Beneful in different varieties as well. One of the more popular choices in wet dog food is the prepared meal packs with Lamb, Chicken & Beef Stew in the 10 ounce variety. There is a great coupon offer as well from Target that expires on 6/30/2017 for Beneful wet dog food. Please follow this link to print off your coupon today.So, head over to your local Target or go online today and check out the huge selection of Beneful products for your dog.

Questions About Traveling Vineyard Answered In 3 Minutes!

If you want to get an in-depth understanding of how Traveling Vineyard’s business models work, its benefits, their social media presence and some of the reasons you would benefit from participating in The Traveling Vineyard, then you are in the right place.

So what is it?

Traveling Vineyard is an established marketing company that began in 2001. They held this year their first in the home event for tasting wine. The company deals with selling wine. They offer different varieties of wine, from white, red, sweet to fizzy. In addition, traveling vineyard sells accessories such as openers, decanters, and chillers and is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

How their business model works

First, you have to be a member of traveling vineyard and become a wine guide before you earn your first cash. The compensation plan determines the amount of income you will make, so it is crucial. Although the detailed information of the plan is not out in public, it is a good idea. On every order that you generate on your personal account, you get paid 35% as personal marketing fee for your services. Typically, members are paid three times a month. From their site, the guide average around $100 in incomes after every event. If you add the incentives, the amount is more.

Cost of joining

Joining Traveling Vineyard as a wine guide will cost you $174. This includes $75 for the first two tasting sets and $99 for the success kit. However, these packages are subject to change.

Benefits of joining Traveling Vineyard

It is an excellent platform for individuals to make some real cash and learn marketing and entrepreneurial skills. Although they have not specified the amount, you earn, with a little effort, it is possible to make a living with them.

In conclusion, having a large social media following can help increase your earnings with Traveling Vineyard. Get your account today and make some cash!

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